We have recently renovated our entire salon!

Here at BCreative, you’ll find that we’re always looking to improve our methods and our facilites, and one of the ways we go about doing this is to make sure we have updated equipment as much as possible. To enable us to do this we have recently redesigned our entire salon front to have a more theraputic, calming and spiritual atmosphere as we feel this suits our business ideal more. Plus, we finished the redecoration of our new salon just in time for the filming of a new reality show that is coming soon.

Due to the pandemic and the proceeding lockdowns, more and more people have become spiritually aware and nature concious partly in thanks to the amount of time they found themselves with and also partly thanks to an increase of overall awareness of this aspect of peoples lives coming more and more into focus. We hope that in the new atmosphere of our salon will help people to feel more at home when they come in. This helps us stand out from other salons as they feel more clinical and less inviting due to what seems like lack of consideration on their part of this aspect of our clients lives.

You won’t find a space that isnt used now when you come in, from the lemon yellow exterior to the faux hardwood vinyl flooring, it feels as though you’ve truly stepped into a magical forest paradise. The contrast between or brick feature walls that you’ll sit in while we tap into the soul of what your hair will become against the darker tones to lull you into a more calm state while we thoroughly clean your hair will transform your whole experience of coming to us to get anything you want done.

We’ve also added lots of potted plants around the salon, breathing new life and adding to the experience of coming to us to Bcreative with your hair.