Understanding your hair and its needs is important when wanting the full potential and performance. We have put together this blog to help educate and advise those into learning more about their hair and what its capable of. Whether that is understanding what hair type you have, what hair cut best compliments that hair type, what products will enhance your hair and its looks and the best way to style it to get the best possible outcome, all of this can be found here.

When that time of day comes to styling your hair, how you wash it is always the first step that is thought over. Using the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is such a crucial step in hair care because understanding the different nutrients your hair needs could completely change all your problems you’ve been forever having. Washing your hair 2-3 times a week or less will keep your hair in its healthiest state, this makes sure all the natural oils in your hair can do their job without having to restart the process when you wash your hair too often. Moisture is so crucial especially when it comes to curly hair types, turning that frizz into defined curls will enhance the overall look, this is just as important for those dealing with hair types on the other end of the scale, dead straight hair will feed off of the moisture you give your hair and turn it into that fresh shine we all look for. Hair masks, leave in conditioners or even homemade remedy’s can give you all the moisture you need, we do sell these right here on our website.

Styling your hair and finding the right products that compliment you can always be difficult. Especially when dealing with curls finding the products that define them the most can be so tricky with all the different curl types and different things your hair needs more than others, finding something that can tick all your boxes can be a challenge. Having a high performance oil based product to feed your hair would be my biggest advice especially for those with curls, or those looking to grow their hair as quickly as possible this ensures your hair gets all the goods it needs, and always leaves your hair looking healthy.

Using heat as little as possible is always the best option for your hair, embracing and loving your hair in its natural state will give your hair the best opportunity to be in its healthiest state. Those who do use heat on their hair should always use a heat protector, this creates a shield from the heat to save your hair from any of the damages its creating. Using a hair mask or leave in conditioner after this will add back in all the moisture that was taken out during the styling process. Giving your hair a trim when needed is also important when keeping your hair as healthy as possible.

For those with curls using a curl cream that suits your hair type will help define your curls and make the styling process much easier. When the correct curl cream is applied, following this with either a strong or light holding gel with give your curls the best definition, shine and performance all in one.

Frizz can be a problem for all hair types getting rid of that morning frizz can be the most frustrating part of anyone’s hair care routine, this can be avoided. When sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillow case this saves your hair from frizzing up and being impossible to style. This prevents breakage throughout your hair and leaves it looking as fresh as it did on wash day. Using this product also encourages you to not wash your hair as frequently as you once did because the freshness and definition stays within your hair for a much longer period with next to no frizz. This makes your hair care routine much more simple and so much more healthy.

This all comes from understanding your hair type and what it needs to looks at its best, once this is achieved there is no doubt it will leave each individual feeling much more at ease and confident in themselves knowing they are looking after their hair to the best of their ability.